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Hi! Thank you all for taking the time to check out my website- I'm excited to take this journey with you! 

Here's a little about me, I'm a high-class sensual companion (international if you're nasty, hehe) I cater to all shapes and sizes- including different pronouns. I love to make others feel comfortable and desired- I do have a frisky, silly side, so watch out! I'm an all-around down to earth person, who enjoys good food/ wine- and the time I share with you.

The companion that does it all

  • I'm couples-friendly

  • Duos 

  • Bachelor parties (stags, dancing)

  • Dinner dates

  • Travel with or to you. 

Donation Rates

  • $100 Dinner date (only)

  • $250 half-hour 

  • $400 per hour

  • $1,400 4 hours

  • $3,000 8 hours  

Can't wait to hear from you, and your desires- please inquire below.


Hopefully Nude



Some of my reviews are from Montreal- Hence why they're calling me Nathalia. MERB LINKS IN 'LEARN MORE' (must be a MERB member to view)

So I saw Nathalia last week and had a great time. It was very chill - low key - probably because I was just exhausted with work. That said she got 3 shots out of me.

She's really chill - and to get the best out of her - just have a straight up conversation on expectations and what you want out of the session - she's really receptive.

Facially, she reminds me of Gal Gadot (new Wonder Woman) at some angles, but some people might disagree with me. Great eyes and very strong exotic features. Not a spinner (her photos should be proof enough) but a well rounded girl. Her age is about right as well.

All 3 times were mish positions - it seems we have mutual liking for it as I like to make out during sex. Great kisser - so for all you DFK fans - she's right up your alley. I can also confirm that she has a very high libido and love sex as much as I (or most guys I know) do. She's not super freaky - so if that's what your looking for your better served with other women. She was very vocal - at one point she was the one who initiated - telling me "I think it's time for you to put it in - I'm already wet so just do it" - yup, that's enough for me to get going.

Partook in CIM (2nd or 3rd shot) - so not a lot left to shoot - and took me a while to cum - a first for both of us - embarrassing but funny at the same time. Did not (could not?) get hard enough for greek - but she does offer (though very YMMV - which is standard for all women in my experience). A very GFE experience - refreshing and probably more of what I needed (usually in to the high energy wild sex sessions - but my mood just wasn't in it this time).

Hope she sticks around - when I need a GFE experience where I can just chill, have a couple glasses of wine - I'll be sure to call on her again.

Jasonmaraz MERB (old work name Nathalia)

I have a great time with Hope! She's one of the most genuine and fun girls I know. I met her once through an agency by chance, saw her in the lobby and I was sold- couldn't believe this natural tall beauty would be spending the night with me. She's very accommodating when it comes to traveling to visit me in Virginia - though, she likes to fly business class so buckle up. She's a great kisser and has other talents ( if you know what I mean)- I miss her kisses and smile the most, I tell her every time we speak.

Mr Virgina

Sometimes, something or someone can trigger a memory that you haven't thought about in a very long long time, a really good memory, well this is what Nathalia did for me on our first encounter, besides the fact that when i first opened the door, saw her for the first time, i was a very happy little boy, a 12 yr old at toy-r-us kind of happy.

Ok, we kissed hello, i took her jacket and offered Nathalia a beverage, we sat on the couch, i put some music on, we sat close to each other, we talked about so many things, we laughed, sipped our wine, we kissed and kissed, and kissed, we chatted some more, about music which she decided to get up and put music of her liking, we danced a little, then back on the couch, more kissing, then i went for it, second base, over the shirt, no rejection on the first try, victory....

We needed more wine, went to the kitchen opened another bottle, Nathalia followed and we continued our conversation, handing her a glass, we started to kiss again, this is the only times we didnt talk is when we were locking lips. Back on the couch and the make out session continued, we were having a great time, before i knew it we had been making out and chatting for 2 hours, and needed to extend to make sure all the pleasures were reached on this evening.

Nathalia is a treasure, she brought me back to that one afternoon a long time ago, in my parents basement, that was one of my favorite memories and on this evening with thanks to Nathalia, i have a new memory to look forward to in the future.

In the final hour of our 3 hour journey, things went a little differently, as we laid in bed, clothes started to come off and flying around the room, till we laid there naked, we kissed, let our hands roam our bodies, slowly, i reached down and felt her warm and moist petals from her flower, i was excited, growing with every move, i brought my hand up, i wanted to have a taste, it was invigorating, i wanted more, started my descent, i came upon her flower, slowly from bottom to top i ran my tongue, again and again, i would stop and plunge my tongue deep and her juices flowed onto my tongue, i couldn't get enough, i kept licking till i found a spot that made her yelp a little and she squirmed, she said yes that's it, keep going, and i did, i inserted a digit, then two, an O was coming, i could feel it, and there it was, her flower filled with juices and tasted so good, i didn't stop, i kept going, i wanted for her achieve another one, it didn't take long, she grasp my head and was grinding against my tongue and yes yes yes, another O, I was happy now, i wiggled my way back up and we cuddled and kissed, she said ok your turn now, man handling me, she pushed me over and treated me to a very beautiful BBBJ, and i held out for a bit cause i was enjoying it so much, as i was getting close, i just asked her to lay back so i could finish on her breasts, i thought i was close, but needed a little coaxing, so Nathalia started to touch herself, very nice, her face showed her enjoyment, i wanted more, i leaned over as she was touching herself and started to lick her flower, as i stroked myself, i became even more aroused now had no problem now to finish and i did with great force, she watched as i exploded onto her breasts with spasm effect, when the convulsions passed, i leaned down took a nice long lick across her breast, laid next to her, we kissed and she sucked both our juices off my tongue and laid there for a while reflecting on the time we spent together and then it was time for a shower, and with a nice kiss goodnight, off she went and i was left with a great and memorable evening and we have had a few more since, and plan on having a few more.

Nathalia is a woman who deserves to be treated with kindness and lots of love, she is a beautiful woman inside and out, when she smiles i get that funny feeling in my stomach and i feel like giving her the world if it were mine to give.

Thank you Nathalia for the beautiful times we have shared, and plan on sharing on many more occasions, sometimes we have chance meetings who just change the way we look at things and sometimes things happen for a reason.

I agree with the Gal Gadot reference, there is some resemblance and Miss Gadot is a beautiful woman and also very sexy so you are in for a treat when you spend time with Nathalia.
And remember to be nice and always be a gentleman when spending time with her, she is a special woman.

Till next time Nathalia, and i hope soon.....

Thor Jr

Thor Jr MERB (old name Nathalia)

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